Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yeah, the Transformers movie sucked

I was at Fry's and they had Transformers (the live action movie) showing on DVD on a theater setup. I started watching from the point where Sam & co. enters Hoover Dam. While watching it, the numerous ridiculous things about the film came flying back in my face especially after they entered the city for the last battle. The army guys taking the AllSpark into the city and NOT GETTING THE CIVILIANS EVACUATED until way after the fighting has started. The guys playing sitting duck for Starscream to blast their asses instead of running for cover. Sam for some reason keeps making damaged Bumblebee crawl around after him instead of standing still so he can give him the Allspark. Sam running to the tower on foot instead of GETTING A CAR AND DRIVING THERE. The numerous "nice shot taken just because it looks nice" moments. I couldn't stand it anymore and moved on with my shopping without watching it to the end.

PS: One more thing that annoyed me about the movie: I'm not a pro-life or anything but they had a scene where they gave life to a Nokia Transformer and then killed it. I mean sure it was kinda dangerous to let it live but they could have at least tried to communicate with it or tried some kind of peaceful resolution instead of just zapping it dead. What bothered me even more was that nobody batted an eye when it got killed.

Anyways, for all the reasons above, if Revenge of the Fallen is anything like the dreck that was the first movie, it definitely won't be anywhere near as good as Star Trek. Nevertheless, I'll still catch it in the theaters so I can see the giant robots and cool effects on the big screen.

PPS: Yeah the title is in reference to Bay's first TF movie. So sue me. :p

Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Trek was teh awesome :D

Yeah, the movie rocked. Excellent stuff. Not to say it's perfect. There were a couple of things that kinda bugged me. First was the Deux ex Machina moments. There's been plenty of those throughout the various TV series and movies but that doesn't excuse its use. The second was the potential romance between certain key characters. That one kinda came way out of left field. Still, it was a great movie and deserves watching on the big screen! While the movie use modern day special effects, the look both inside and outside the spaceships have this feeling I can only define as "old school". I don't know if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

On a related note, I caught this Yahoo article about some guy's rant about "fake" IMAX which in turn got me interested in watching the Star Trek IMAX. The one "true" IMAX in Houston would be the Edwards MarqE on I-10. This seems to be the last week of airing so I'll need to be quick if I'm going to catch the IMAX version.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lately I realized I'm spending too much time playing games on my iPod Touch. There's just too many good games that are either free or cheap. My latest addiction is Soldier Ants which is a Worms/Snails clone. It's pretty fun but unfortunately crashes sometimes. I'm also trying to play through Gift, a port of the classic bishoujo game. This is based on the PS2 port and as such has no nudity. At a little over 1GB, it's also one of the biggest apps on iTunes and the software suffers a little bit as a result with long startup time and occasional music skip.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taking over the world with lemons...

I discovered Lemonade Tycoon for iPhone and it's free too. Good stuff but the only bad thing is the occasional demographic info collecting or ad. Can't be all good, right? :P

I'm also hooked on Leaf Trombone World Stage. This is crack. This is what Wii Music should have been. The big difference is that you have music that you can follow along with as well as the ability to compose original stuff. I bet Miyamoto's smacking himself over the head over this one.

Speaking of Nintendo, Defend Your Castle is also on iPhone and graphics are ported from the Wii version. It's just much easier flicking the stick enemies with your fingers than the Wii Remote plus easier to play in short bursts.

Score? Apple: 2, Nintendo: 0.

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