Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taking over the world with lemons...

I discovered Lemonade Tycoon for iPhone and it's free too. Good stuff but the only bad thing is the occasional demographic info collecting or ad. Can't be all good, right? :P

I'm also hooked on Leaf Trombone World Stage. This is crack. This is what Wii Music should have been. The big difference is that you have music that you can follow along with as well as the ability to compose original stuff. I bet Miyamoto's smacking himself over the head over this one.

Speaking of Nintendo, Defend Your Castle is also on iPhone and graphics are ported from the Wii version. It's just much easier flicking the stick enemies with your fingers than the Wii Remote plus easier to play in short bursts.

Score? Apple: 2, Nintendo: 0.

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