Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Logitech V550

I've been searching for a wireless mouse for the past week and bought and returned 3 mouses before setting on a Logitech V550. I've found that for me, someone with really big hands, a small mouse is no good as well as a mouse with a thumb grip on both sides (a dedicated right-hand mouse would be fine, OTOH). I went with this mouse becasue it was somewhat normal shaped and it happened to be on sale at Fry's for $30. I kinda wanted a mouse with extra buttons but I think the hyper scroll wheel was a decent tradeoff. It's also nice that it has a micro-sized receiver which can be stored inside the mouse, a super-long battery life, an optional docking clip to hook the mouse onto, and an actual on/off button. I had to download the drivers to get it working with my PC but this seems to be unique to my PC as all the wireless mouse I've tried needed the dedicated driver software to work on it. OTOH, my netbook seems to be able to use them straight out of the box which is apparently how they're supposed to work. Hopefully the mouse will work out for me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A reason I like my iPod Touch: potentially one of many?

I'm driving my mother today and she wants to visit Super H Mart, a Korean supermarket in Houston. Unfortunately, she forgot exactly where it is and I've only been there a couple times and couldn't be bothered to remember where either. So we make a quick stop at a library which happens to be in the general direction the supermarket should be and I whip out the iPod. It instantly connects to the library's wifi network and I launch the Maps app and type "super h-mart". It instantly brings up the map with the location marked; I tap on it and up comes the address info including ph # and website even. 1 tap saves it to Contacts and another couple of taps draws up a potential route from where we're at to the supermarket. If this had been an iPhone, we wouldn't even need to make that stop at the library since there's 3G connection. It's like straight out of the Apple commercials. They've really made a great PDA/smartphone product.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where I Don't like to shop :p

J-List sucks. Shopping there is a fairly shitty experience if you're trying to browse for very specific items. On top of that, they'll rape you on the prices if they think they can get away with it. I'll say it again: J-List sucks.

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