Friday, February 19, 2010

Big package!

To the few people that may read this blog, apologies for not updating for 2 weeks. I finally got around to opening up my Brightfeather Busou Shinki. To make it short, I fell in love with it and decided to buy some more so I searched for more info on the other Shinki models and ran across a TF board that had webcomics featuring them and before I knew it, I was staying up well past bedtime reading them each night and that's what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. ^^;; Anyways, moving on...

2/17/10_01 I got a package on Wednesday from Amiami.

figma,bisou shinki And it contained my newest Shinkis and Figmas!

Item & cost breakdown:
Busou Shinki Maochao | 1,650
Busou Shinki Benio | 1,250
Busou Shinki Juvisy | 1,615
Busou Shinki IANEIRA | 1,635
figma Len Kagamine Character Vocal Series 02 | 1,870
figma Mikuru Asahina Fighting Waitress Version | 1,870
figma Tsuruya-san Culture Festival Maid Ver. | 1,870

I also got a couple di:stages as well as a lighted figure display base. Not sure if I'm just wasting my money or not. There were other Busou Shinkis that I wanted but Amiami have been putting them on clearance price for a while now and the one I really wanted, Graffias, was long gone. Rather unfortunate as she was at a very good price too. But back then, I haven't tried a Shinki yet so couldn't tell if it would be worth it or not. At least now I know. :p Amiami's pretty much cleared out all of their old stock and on top of that have retired the item pages so it seems they won't be restocking the old ones anymore. That's too bad. :(

figma It seems the face have fallen off the Tsuruya Figma. I'll have to check to see if there's any damage or not. Also the Figmas are part of GSC's winter campaign program where you get a limited edition gloves and scarves that will fit Figmas or Nendos. I'll have to try those out with Tsuruya-san as soon as I make sure she's okay.

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