Friday, February 5, 2010

Free GPS on iPod Touch?

Well, not quite. What I've discovered is that when you're in iPod Touch's Maps app with the wi-fi on and just drive around on the streets, the app will grab whatever wifi signals it can find and triangulate your position on the map based on them. This assumes you've preloaded a map with your position on it earlier and what it'll do is pinpoint your position when you're near a strong wifi signal or area with several signals. The caveat is that you might lose your map information unless you pass by an open hotspot so it's definitely not something to rely on. Nonetheless, it's pretty cool in a cool geek factor kinda way. Of course, if you have an iPhone, the Maps app will just use the 3G signals to triangulate your position and you won't lose your map either. If you're a pizza delivery guy or have a job that requires driving, the iPhone's a nice thing to have.

While I'm on the subject, another reason to love my iPod: I was dating some Chinese girl who can't speak English worth squat. She mentions some Chinese thing that I don't know about so I switched to the Notes app and switched on the character recognition Chinese input and just told her to draw the Chinese characters so I can ask my parents about it later. This is her first time handling my iPod but she had no problems entering the characters since all she had to do was literally draw the characters with her finger and hit the Chinese equivalent of "enter". Later I showed the notes to each of my parents whom each had their own take on what she wrote. :p But back to the point, the iPod can help you cross language barriers. Cool stuff, ne?

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