Saturday, February 20, 2010

Should I get more Busou Shinki?

My comments on the lineup so far. I had Brightfeather from late last year and got Maochao, Benio, Juvisy, and Ianeira this month from Amiami. I only opened up Brightfeater late Jan and regret not checking her out sooner otherwise I might have been able to snag Graffias and others that interested me before they sold out from Amiami since they were at clearance prices at the time. Anyways here's my comments on the lineup so far. It's pretty long so click when ready.

Arnvel & Strarf: They're the starting pair and for that reason alone I doubt I'll be getting them even if they do look very nice.

Howling: Her armaments doesn't make much of an impression on me other than that big cannon and her armor makes her look stiff compared to Maochao even though they have similar arm limitations.

Maochao: I'm a cat person, that alone justifies the purchase. She's also got THE Drill. If you have any Super Robot blood in you, you know you cannot resist the Drill.

Xiphos & Benio: Ugh, who in heavens approved this pair? Their faces aren't too bad once you get used to them but still...*facepalm* Their armors don't look exactly that great either. I only got Benios because I have ROTF Bludgeon; something made me think they might look good together. I'll know when I finally open Benio.

Zyrdarya & Juvisy: I didn't intend to get Juvisy at first but I wanted to get more Shinkis and Juvisy kinda reminded me of Haman Khan's Qubeley. I also like her hair for some reason. Zyrdarya I have no interest in whatsoever.

Eukrante: She looks nice but it's either her or Vespelio and I'd rather get Vespelio.

Ianeira: Mermaid. With BIG udders. How can you resist, right? :p As one of the remaining stuff at Amiami, she looked nice enough. I wanted at least one Shinki with a nice rack and since the other two that had them weren't available, that left her.

Tigris: Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way at the time I had a chance to purchase her at Amiami. I think it was just her overall design. But I think she would have been a better purchase than Benio. Either way I'm sticking with my decision to skip Tigris.

Vitulus: It's kinda hard to justify her purchase when her armor's just this hoverpod thing with guns attached to it and unlike Tigris' backpack, it doesn't seem you can reconfigure the pod into anything useful. She really is just a companion piece to Tigris, IMO. One thing I do like about her is the bigger breast piece but chest alone isn't worth the purchase. :p

Ach & Yda: They look really nice as a action figure + bike set. The combined modes look good as well but the vehicle mode's where all the fun's at, IMO. I do plan to get one or both of them.

Murmeltier & Asuka: I definitely plan to get those 2. They're both very cute and the combined armor mode looks great. They're like the ultimate toy representation of Shimada Fumikane's mecha-musume designs.

Lancamento & Espadia: I didn't like the faces and the colors of the combined robot is too fruit-loopy. I kinda like Lancamento since she's heavily armed and has a strong resemblance to SRW's Alteisen but her armor is just too cumbersome looking.

Werkstra & Valona: Werkstra's plain head reminds me of Princess Melora from the Twinbee series. I plan to get her but not Valona.

Bright Feather: My first Shinki. I'm not sure if it's the colors, the fact that she's meganekko, or has a nurse motif (maybe all of the above?) but I'm really digging her. She's responsible for starting my Shinki buying binge.

Harmony Grace: I kinda want her (due to the nun motif). Maybe if she goes on sale.

Partio & Pomock: Cute but too lightly armored for the price. Skip unless goes on sale.

Graffias: Dark skin with breasts just the right size. I'm loving her. Her imp-ish smile face is just icing on the cake. I like her bare figure more than anything else and her armor is just omake for me. If I had been able to get her at Amiami I definitely would have because her default price is just too much. When I find her at the right price, I will definitely get her.

Vespelio: Frankly I'm not too big on her even though she's kinda nice and is a companion piece to Graffias. Maybe I'll get her to build Graffias that dragon armor. Maybe.

Kohiru & Merienda: Not to sure on these two but a likely skip.

Altlene: Both her sotai and armored modes look very nice. I do plan to get her...just not at that price.

EX sets: I plan to get Zelnogrard but plan to skip the rest except MAYBE...

Schmetterling: Dilazirk's Funness on a Stick almost got me to buy her due to the strips featuring Maochao in that getup. Fortunately(?), I came to my senses and backed out (for now). Dilazirk's Mao/ling combo was moe railgun cannon on a stick. It took me a few days to recover from that. On a last note, is it just me or does that mike look a bit phallic (especially with that pink ring around the end)?

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