Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miku knockoff

The eBay Miku has arrived and as I have feared, it's a knockoff. Sending it back is out of the question as the shipping is going to be equal or more than the winning cost ($10). I don't really think there's a way for me and the seller to resolve this peacefully as I'm almost definitely going to give him a neutral or worse feedback with the note that he gave me a knockoff.

I finally took Yda and Benio out of their boxes on Sunday to toy with them a bit. Benio doesn't look that bad once you get used to it however her armor shows some definitely flaws with how they're attached as well as their quality. Yda looks cool however her armor sockets are a bit too tight and the dummy plug frame peg broke off where it attaches to the lower part of the bike. It doesn't help that the way the instructions show to attach the dummy places stress onto the peg that broke off. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to affect her other modes but I am crestfallen, that a part of her should break so easily. It really makes me a bit wary of putting down too much money for Busou Shinkis and depending on how Juvisy, Ianeira, and Asuka turn out, may or may not turn me off buying the full armor Shinkis completely. You can see the broken off peg in the picture below.

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