Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So much to do, so little time

My main hobbies can be grouped into the following categories...

Toys: collecting Transformers, bishoujo figures, etc.
Manga: both regular and ero, I read plenty of both
Video games: consoles, portables, and iPod Touch
Eroge: so much I want to play, so little time
Anime: I don't watch much ero-anime so it's mostly regular stuff

The problem is I spend plenty of time on each of the above categories and if I focus on some categories, my activity in the other categories will dwindle significantly. My current focus is on toys, manga, and games and I haven't watched nor played much eroge & anime lately. I would like to catch up on everything I want to read, watch, or play but I only have so much time especially since I can't do this stuff at work. I wonder how many others face a similar problem?

Random pic:
Saber Drossel
After seeing Drossel wtih Kagami head on Kodomut's page sometime last year, I decided to try it with Saber's head.

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