Friday, April 30, 2010

Nice loot

I've realized I've put off updating a few items as off late. Nico Robin mousepad being one of them. Ah well; later I guess.

Got a box of loot yesterday. I am really buying too much stuff this year. Anyways, on with the pictures.

acsta Subaru figma Nanoha eroge
From Amazon, acsta Subaru, figma movie Nanoha, and Shikotama Slave 1st ltd ver (new!). Shikotama Slave is actually from Comroad but bought through Amazon.

ex:ride eroge eroge Kosaka Takamki Summer Floating Ring ver.
From Sofmap, ex:ride vintage bike 001 metallic yellow, 7 Online Gamers Offline (used), Honey Coming 1st ltd ver (used), and Kosaka Tamaki Summer Floating Ring ver by Kaitendo.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kanu oppai mouse pad

Got my very first oppai mouse pad yesterday. It's of Kanu Uncho from Ikki Tousen and I got it from BBTS (sold out).

Mouse pad in and out of box but inside blister packaging.

Mouse pad with blister cover removed and view of pad bottom.

The mouse pad surface is some sort of cloth-like material like underwear (polyester?) and underneath is a rubber-like material (to prevent the pad from sliding) with a protective film covering it. I'm not to big on the cloth material as it seems like it might get dirty more easily (and harder to clean) and I think may not be as comfortable as a smooth gel pad. I guess I'll find out as I use it.

I'm expecting more mouse pads in the coming weeks so expect some comparisons in the near future.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hall of shame: Fake Miku

Many of my posts here are copies of posts I make at my usual haunt. Because of that I sometimes forget to format or reword the posts appropriately... -_-;

knock-off Miku
Earlier last month, I got my first eBay knockoff, a fake Hatsune Miku Nendo. I had a huge hunch that it's a fake upon learning I won the auction for $10. After some thinking, I came to the following conclusions: 1) The reason nobody else bid on this was because they knew it was fake somehow. 2) That reason had to be nobody would set a starting price so low for a legitimate item (it started at $7). Fortunately, I didn't lose too much; with shipping, the whole thing came to less than $20. I'd return the thing and ask for my money back except I was curious about the quality of the knock-off plus I know I'm not going to get a legit Nendo Miku at this point; GSC's obviously ain't releasing it any more and I'm not paying over 3 times market price for it on eBay. So on with the show.

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