Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nico Robin mouse pad, Energer Z

I'm a bit sleepy tonight so this is gonna be a short one.

oppai mouse pad
First off, the Nico Robin mouse pad that I keep forgetting to put up. She feels better and priced better than the Kanu mousepad so she's my current mousepad for now. Seems my main mouse has an issue with the Kanu pad. Kinda odd since it's the only mouse that has problem with the mouse pad.

Energer Z Energer Z
Energer Z
Chogokin Energer Z. It was on sale so I went and got one. I was attracted by it's similar design to Mazinger as well as the nice red paint. A nice take on the Mazinger design. From what I understand, it was a prototype design to the original Mazinger. I love the "bike as a cockpit" design. Rocket punch was weak however. Drops like a rock, very disappointing. Cape was a bit on the loose side. Articulation not quite as good as Groizer. Otherwise, a solid figure.

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