Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And it's here!

As expected, the package arrived this morning. Here's the package contents.

Sega prize figures Sawatari Izumi and Karauchi Anna, Nendoroid Japanese Life Set A & B, Re-ment Our House's Kotatsu, MiniPla Ke-tai Sousakan 7 01 Arrives 1-4, Se.Kirara w/ Aya Morning Coffee figma, and (the main breadwinner for me) Otoboku The 2 Elders 1st run edition w/ Softbank extras.

The Softbank extras are a shitajiki of Awayuki and a bedsheet featuring Chihaya and Kaoruko.

(edit 3/4/12: OTBK2 contents have been moved to ecchi-ism.)

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