Saturday, September 11, 2010

She is her own tank...

I don't know why but PB's giving me grief today so for now I'm using Flickr instead. I've opened up Busou Shinki Zelnograd. She's nice but arms are kinda lose at the upper arm socket which makes it a bit of a pain when getting her to hold up her big gun. And does she have a big gun.

Zelnograd in a GI Joe Armored Panther tank. I got the tank because it looked like it might fit a Shinki and I was right. :D I also have another vehicle which I'll open up later and see if it fits as well.

I've also tried out my Kagura Hinata dakimakura cover. It's definitely one of the smoother covers of my dakimakura covers but I still like the Haruka daki the best as far as feel (too bad it's also the most wrinkly :p).


Here's my dakimakura ranking for comfort & feel: Haruka, Hakata, Hinata, Minato, Momoyo, Saki.
As far as how they look though: Momoyo, Haruka, Saki, Hinata, Minato, Hakata.

I also got a dakimakura cover that came as a Sofmap bonus for getting Para-Sol from them. Features girls with bare nipples, a first for my collection. The feel seems to be about the same as the Saki covers though so it's unlikely I'll actually use that cover.

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