Friday, September 24, 2010

We are riding, riding, riding...

Lots of pictures to show off. Shinkis on their rides, BRS figma and Nendo, fun stuff. If you visit my other haunts, you've probably seen them already.

First up is Partio and Pomock on the 3-wheeler Ex:ride.
IMG_1203w IMG_1202w

More pics below!

Next is Harmony on a Lego Technic Go-kart.
IMG_1191w IMG_1192wb
How stingy. :(

BRS figma and Nendo.
IMG_1209w IMG_1212w

Can't we all just get along? (What do you mean "no"?)

BRS on a 1/12 Maisto. I was able to score a 1/12 Maisto 2-pack for $10 at Ross which was a good deal. I'll show the other Maisto in a future post.

I had Partio and Pomock re-arranged on the Ex:ride so that Pomock was driving instead but accidentally knocked them off the table when arranging BRS on the Maisto for the above picture. When I picked them off the floor, I found them in the pose below.
"Feeling ronery, Partio?" LOL. They're so precious, especially Partio. :)

I'll leave with a non-sequitur. A picture of a Domino's sausage and tomato pizza that I had.
pizza closeup
Looks good? I thought so too. It's a crop of a bigger picture I took. I wanted to capture the texture so I had to crop it otherwise you lose that detail when the picture gets shrunk down to thumbnail size. Domino's is currently my favorite of the widespread pizza chains followed by Papa John then Pizza Hut. It's like Papa John's all over when they first came out; everyone was won over by the new taste. Time will tell if Domino's current recipe will withstand the test of time.

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