Friday, October 8, 2010

Fishing and learning to do webcomics...

I'm going to open up with some fishing photos I took a couple days ago. No, I don't fish but apparently I have a figure that does. :p



As you can see, Eika's doing the fishing and Partio's eating whatever's caught. :p

An alternate angle, this time with a fish in the tub.

Ianeira also came along.

Taking shots from this angle was tricky since all this was over a bridge over a river and I couldn't lean out too much or I risk falling into the river. I also had to be careful not to drop any parts since this was a wooden bridge with gaps all over the place. If I dropped a piece, the chance I'd never see it again is almost guaranteed.

I also did my first multi-panel webcomic yesterday. I've done a couple single panel comics this past month so I guess this is a naturally progression of that. I've learned the basics of doing text bubbles so now it's onto more fancier stuff like sound effects and special effects such as laser blasts. Good luck to me. :p

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