Sunday, October 17, 2010

Webcomic and fail

It All Began With Shinki Stew!
1st ep?

IABWSS 1_2.a

Later that night...
End!! :p

PS: No Shinki was harmed in the making of this comic!

PPS: Security officer Maochao guarantees it! :D

So this was my first attempt at a multi-panel comic. It originally started as a one panel response to someone else's post on TFW2005 but it wound up becoming several panels and I decided to make a plunge and make my own webcomic thread. Now that I'm doing that though, I really up over my head. I might have a better camera and have clearer looking pictures than the other comics on TFW2005 but what they lack in picture quality, they more than make up in fresh and funny ideas! Not sure how I'll do it but since I've already started, I've got no choice but to go forth and make a jackass out of myself! So I'll be half learning how to use GIMP and brainstorming stuff for the comic. Good luck to me. :p

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