Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Animated Grimmy, BB Bumblebee, and miko clothes

I resisted for a long time but I finally broke down and got a TF Animated Grimlock. I have to say, I actually like him a bit better than MP Grimlock. (yeah yeah blasphemous, I know) So what do I like about A. Grimlock? I like how his backpack folds up much better than the old "head just hangs off the back" style. The way the tail hangs off the side of A. Grimlock's legs is more reminiscent of Grimlock than MP Grimlock's "tail tucked perfectly away" although I kinda like that too. Finally both his robot and alt mode exudes much more personality than the cold and straightforward MP Grimlock (especially robot mode). My only real gripe with Animated Grim is that his elbow part doesn't go all the way in like it's supposed to in robot mode (seems to be a common problem with the toy). Otherwise, I think he flat-out rocks and is a great bargain at the discounted price I got at Marshall's.

I also got Battle Blade Bumblebee but really didn't get into him. While he's taller than the first Bumblebee, he's also noticeably scrawnier in the legs and fixes a few problems with the original while introducing new ones of its own. Notable faults include fixed wrists, very hokey looking gun mode, backwards-looking axe, and loose chest parts. Ultimately, I returned him. I really don't see the point of this new mold especially with all the faults it has.

I also noticed that Ghost Rider is surprisingly tall. He even towers over Animated Grim and Highbrow. Very interesting.

In other news, I got a package today with a few goods. One of them is a short-skirt miko costume that I got for Asuka. It's from Azone's Desktop Collection.

Merienda will demo it first. Without skirt.

And with skirt. It's a bit short for her even if you add the spacers.

Here it is on Asuka. Looks much better.

With broomstick.

Back view.

The only thing I can put on Asuka with the miko dress on are the legs. I might be able to squeeze in the arms if I remove the shoulder pieces but that's about it.

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