Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busou Shinki Mk2s and Zielbellen

march loot
My first loot in a very long time. Figma Miyuki Mana and Kawamura Yuu from Se.Kirara and Busou Shinki Arnval Mk2 Tempesta, Strarf Mk2 Laviena, and Zielbellen. Pics of the Shinkis after the jump.

The Shinkis. Initially, I wasn't interested in the Fencers but after certain pictures I realized Zielbellen's expressions have lots of fun potential so I had to get her. XD

There's also the fact that they look like sisters. Even though Zielbellen looks a bit taller, Tempesta seems like the natural "older sister". She also seems to have a bit of a sis-con?? :D

The bookmarks I got, yes! *double fist pump* I thought Tempesta's was too boring so I'm very happy I lucked out with my selection. :D

Zielbellen shows off her gear to Tempesta. Laviena tells her to get off the table.

Tempesta about to give Laviena a knuckle sandwich for yelling at Zielbellen. Tempesta has short temper. :D

Senpai Pomock steps in to cool things down.

Aya lets Zielbellen pet her kitty. What? :p

And that's it for the Shinkis. Just looking at the Mk2's parts is giving me a headache so I'll play with them some other time. This is why I much prefer light armors to the full sets. ^^; I'll also open the figmas at a later time. :p

IMG_2954w IMG_2955w
On a different tangent, Target had Hero Factory Rotor for half price so I went for it. A very fun build and nice action figure. Too bad Rotor's eye holes are covered. Definitely worth it though if you can find this at discount.


  1. Cool shots and nice gets :D I'm waiting on Ziel and Orb yet cuz I ordered them late. I wasn't sure whether I wanted them or not for the longest time. I got a headache looking at Tempesta and Lavina's parts too xD I'd rather dress them up than gear them up at the moment.

  2. I wasn't planning on getting Ziel either until just before the Mk2's release but I'm glad I got her; Ziel's very cute. <3

  3. Nice shots there! and btw you have a nice blog Shizen, and a great collection.
    Also I'm the admin of a web blog directory and I'm wondering if you might be interested in alink exchange, would love to have "2D Toybox" there. Let me know if you do!


  4. Thanks for the offer! I would be interested but it depends on what kind of blog directory it is.


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