Friday, March 11, 2011

IABWSS 23-25




Some notes:
1) I've renumbered the strips since I'm no longer going with the separation of main and side strips. Not sure if I got the numbers right but it's already printed so there. :p

2) Some may notice I'm going with the 4-koma format here. I might go with this for a little while.

3) As explained in the 1st strip, the reason for my long lack of updates is due to my sudden infatuation with Zombie Cafe, a social networking game for iPhone. I don't normally like social networking games so this came as a shock to me. I've kinda eased back now so hopefully I'll get back to doing more strips and blog entries.

4) 1st panel of the 3rd strip is an actual screenshot taken from my iPod Touch. It took a few tries to get the iPod to load enough of that page to take the screenshot since the # of images on that page kept overwhelming the iPod's image cache. ^^;

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