Monday, August 29, 2011

DOTM deluxe Prime and voyager Megatron review

Short review of Walmart exclusive deluxe Optimus Prime and general release voyager Megatron.

Not sure how big they are supposed to be as robots but the vehicle modes for these two look almost in scale for some reason.



Robot modes.



Prime has a nice light-piping eye effect.

I'm impressed with the toy engineering for Megatron; that they made it so that the truck can turn at the connection between the truck and the cargo trailer. As a figure though, I don't really like him that much. I find his arm a bit too long and spindly and I find the shoulders kinda restrictive. Not too bad otherwise. I'm liking Prime a lot however. His size, ease of transformation, and stability in both modes, make him the perfect movie Prime toy to play around with. Some complain about his backpack and paint apps but it's not that big a deal and if you want a movie Prime to play with, this IS the one to get.


  1. Megatron looks great But I think they are equally in the same size in robot mode ? :(

    Optimus is wallmart exclusive the one with axe looking transformation weapon ?

  2. It seems their size is somewhat in scale with the movies. I never did quite pay attention to their exact size compared to each other.

    There are two Optimus with weapon that transform into axe. The Walmart exclusive deluxe pictured above and the voyager Fireburst Optimus which converts to energon axe similar to WFC Prime's melee weapon.


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