Monday, August 22, 2011

Lego odds and ends

About a couple months ago, I started buying Lego stuff. This was prompted by my discovery of the mini-fig blind packs. They weren't cheap though at $3 a pop so I set out to see what other Lego related stuff I can find and soon enough I was buying more than I thought I would.

My series 3 set.

My series 4 set.

The entire collection. I've actually got a couple more minifigs since this pic so I'll need to update sometime.

Various lego minifigs
Some more stuff. These guys were on clearance at Walmart so I snatched them up. The diving set was $2 and the jester and wizard were $1 each.

Mini X-Wing and Tie Fighter
The mini X-Wing and Tie Fighter. They were $2 each so I couldn't resist grabbing a couple of them.

Mini X-Wing and Tie Fighter
Size comparison. They're small and surprisingly sturdy, perfect for putting on desktop for display and spontaneous goofing off with. XD

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