Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bionicle Baranus V7 review


Found Baranus at the clearance aisle at Walmart a couple months ago and built it about a month ago. Pretty nice set for the price.


Package contents. I like how Lego bags up some of the parts by each major component. (Now if only Mega Bloks would do the same thing...) There were a few parts that weren't bagged however it's easy to tell which bag they belong with. 1 is the pilot, 2 is the carriage, and 3 is the beast.


Completed model with the box.


Chained beast. The chain is hooked up right to the side of its tail.


Carriage and pilot. The pilot's feet are hooked to the carriage by a couple of pegs so there's no accidental falling off the cart with this guy. :P


Pilot off the carriage. Weapons are a whip and some shooter doohicky. The figure uses single-piece limbs so no elbow and knee joints. :/



The carriage itself, Baranus. The blades at the top of Baranus can be rotated although they don't seem to serve any real purpose other than getting in the pilot's way if rotated up. :p


Here, you can see the pegs that holds the pilot's feet in place when riding Baranus. There's 3 pegs total, two pegs on each side towards the back, and one right in the middle.


The beast, whatever its name was. :P I'd say the beast by itself was worth the price. Unlike the pilot, this guy has real articulation.



That's all folks! The beast can stand up fairly well on its own. I like the set but it's a pain finding a place to put the entire thing. :P

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