Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Lego Minifigs and Animated Bulkhead

Some random pics on stuff I've recently gotten...

My series 4 additions, Hazmat Guy and Crazy Scientist.

My Lego series 5 minifigs: Lizard Man, Gladiator, and Gangster. I think I'm done with minifig collecting unless they come out with something particularly interesting to me in series 6.

Hazmat Guy finds him self surrounded by spooky guys when he responds to a biohazard distress call.

My Hero Factory Evo and Nex 2.0 combo. They're the only two Hero Factory heros I have so far and they'll remain the only ones until 4.0 comes out. Frankly, I haven't been that big on HF especially the hero figures. The villains, OTOH, aren't bad and I might get more if I can find them on clearance.

Voyager Animated Bulkhead. Got him from Target for $5 a couple weeks ago. By some extreme luck, it seems that someone found him somewhere in the back and dumped him in one of the toy clearance areas where I found him. I never got a Bulkhead since I wasn't interested enough but at $5 I couldn't resist. I'm glad I got this one because he's very cute.

RTS Lugnut scoffs at voy Bulkhead's size. Bulkhead's not amused. :P

Metal-on Halo Spartan regular and camo version. Only reason I got the camo was because, yup, it was clearanced at Target. (seeing a trend here? :P) The neck doesn't fit as snugly as it should but that can probably be fixed with some glue or nail polish otherwise the camo doesn't look bad.

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