Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cheerful Nendoroids, to get or not to get

Cheerful Len & Lin

Shortly after Mikatan blog updated with photos of the finished Cheerful Lin and Len, I started regretting not getting them, especially Len. I got over it however. :P One reason I had my regrets was because the new cheerful parts can be used by other Nendos. My other reason is because Len would have been nice to pair up with Kaito since I've put in an order for him. XD Ah well, I might snag Len if he shows up cheap enough on Mandarake but it's unlikely.

Cheerful Luka

On a related subject, Cheerful Luka is also proving to be a tough sell for me. I already have a Luka and this version is 500 yen more than the previous Cheerful releases even though she doesn't seem to offer that much more parts than the other Nendoroids. Biggest reason for me to get her would be her new arm parts which would give her much more posability as her old arms are definitely quite limiting. I just wish there was something more, something that would give that extra "oomph!" No, that ponytail just isn't enough... orz

It seems unlikely that Meiko would get a Cheerful treatment as she's too recent of a release. I personally think GSC should have just made her a Cheerful release from the start.

edit 1/29: Names corrected! XD

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Toys, New Problems

Mandarake loot

First post of the New Year! I got a package from Mandarake which compose of following items: Busou Shinki Lacamento (resealed), Arnval Mk 2 swimsuit body, Strarf Mk 2 swimsuit body, Plastica Primary 001 Alefnim, figma KOS-MOS, and Kotobukiya RAcaseal Elenor Ver.APSY. However, there is one problem: the last item is wrong! I was supposed to get the clear version of Elenor so I've sent an email to them. Hopefully, this will get resolved somehow.

Kotobukiya RAcaseal Elenor Ver.APSY
Kotobukiya RAcaseal Elenor Ver.APSY

On to a different subject. Last year hasn't been the most productive year for me, blog-wise, and a definite disaster when it came to my photocomic. The comic came to a screeching halt early last year and never quite restarted so I'm currently reviewing what I need to do to ensure I get the comic going again since it would be a waste if I never do any more. I seem to be in somewhat of a "brick" phase as I made a lot of Lego-related purchase last year on on top of Kre-o and Mega Bloks purchases. It seems I may be finally running out of steam so I may put this phase of my toy collecting behind me. I do have some upcoming import purchases so that's unlikely to end anytime soon.

Those who look at my Flickr have likely figured what my next review would be. I'll be writing it next and hopefully have it up by the end of the week along with some other posts I've been wanting to make. Here's to a hopefully productive year!

Update 1/16/12: Mandarake says that the product was updated as a clear version by mistake and will give me a store credit for the purchase price. IOW, I kinda get it for free. Kinda sucks since I didn't have any interest in the normal version and wouldn't have bought it in the first place otherwise. Oh well, I'll take what I can get. :P

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