Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2D-Ism is now "officially" 2DToybox

I've come up with the title "2DToybox" a while back but I had kept the name of 2D-ism because I liked that name (don't you?). However, it just doesn't fit the main theme of my blog so I finally got around to changing the blogspot domain name. Another thing is that I've moved some of the blatant mature content posts over to http://ecchi-ism.blogspot.com/ which will be dedicated to the rare ecchi merchandise that I get or watch. If any reader still finds a post in this blog that may need to go to that other blog, please let me know in the comment section below or in the comment section of the offending blog, thanks. Other changes I've made include the fact that I'll be making pretty much all my blog posts here as opposed to before where I've tried to split it between a toy-themed blog and a somewhat personal blog. Ultimately, it didn't make sense to keep it separate as there wasn't enough content plus they eventually wind up crossing over anyways. :P So now everything will be posted here...not that there was much posted on that other blog to begin with... orz

Late February '12 loot
On to other news, the past month has been huge on import purchases. I haven't even started unboxing stuff from my last shipment and I'm already getting a ton of new stuff... orz Anyways contents listed below...

Late February '12 loot
Nendoroid Mio
Nendoroid Homura
Busou Shinki Lirbiete
Busou Shinki Ianeria, Dengeki ver.
Ultra-Act Mirror Knight
Ultra-Act Jan-Bot
BLK Huke artbook w/ BRSB figma
figma Append Miku
figma Homura
figma Index
figma Tsuruya
figma Mirai
BRS curry BRS ver
BRS curry DM ver

BTW, I've tried the BRS curry...and it tastes like crap, LOL. It's really black too, scary... At least the charms are cute.

I've also started work on my long-dead photocomics, yaaaay! \^o^/ Expect a strip in about a week. It's funny because I've been out of work the past year and you'd think I'd get on it then but no, I get on it after I found work. Go figure. :P Anyways, that's all I have to say for now, cheers!

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