Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ComiPo and other comic creating software

I tried out the ComiPo trial download. You can find more details about ComiPo at their website.

Test comic

A test comic using the Comipo software. Cool stuff is that you can drag & drop all sorts of special effects and backgrounds. The biggest disappointment OTOH is that it lacks basic text formatting features such as center justification and word wrap. Funny thing is it's easy to see why as Japanese tend to use just a single style of justification and because of that don't use word wrap either so the concepts are foreign to them. Another disappointment is they don't make all the features available such as importing your own pictures which is rather important. I want to see how that works out before I throw down any wad of cash and they pretty much screwed that up.

I've also tried Comic Life and Comic Life 2. Comic Life I was kinda disappointed with because all it does is help with text balloons and panel layouts. CL has no special effects function whatsoever so I'd still be reliant on GIMP for the fancy stuff. CL2 is a mass disappointment because it runs SLOW. I'm surprised I was able to get anything done, it was that bad. The first CL runs circles around CL2.

All that's left for me to try is Comic Creator, a software I found at the local Microcenter. It seems to feature what I'm looking for which is a way to quickly create text balloons and add special effects. We'll see how that works out.

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