Friday, May 25, 2012

Work & anime

Been a while since my last post so just a quick update to say I'm alive. :P I took a 2nd job about a couple of months ago but I think I'm going to quit that as it makes certain parts of my schedule inconvenient. But that wasn't the only reason for lack of update. When I did have free time, I was watching anime and reading manga as well as just generally being lazy. orz As for stuff I've been watching, it's been old stuff: Gokusen and Utena. Finished both of them. With Utena, I've watched the first half initially and then that was it for a very long time. After picking it up, I decided to skip most of the middle episodes and start towards the last third of the show which for me was a good decision because the plot moves too slow and most of it is ultimately filler anyways. I have to say I have mixed feelings with how it ended but it's good they followed up with the movie which was ultimately a much better experience IMO. With Gokusen, I watched through the anime series, read through the manga, and now following the live drama as time permits. Yankumi has skyrocketed to the top as my favorite anime/manga/game character. I've also been reading through The World God Only Knows manga this past week so that took much of my time. Being a former eroge player, this naturally piqued my interest. That reminds me, I still have some games that's been on the backburner... orz

Nendoroid Playset #5 Wagnaria A & B

I just received the Wagnaria Nendoroid Playset A & B so I'm looking forward to opening them. I also have the Popura Nendoroid as well as many other stuff that's sitting in their boxes. I really need to clean out my place so hopefully I'll be spending the next week doing some late spring cleaning so that I have a place to finally open up my toys.

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