Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waning interest?!

figma Sanya Eila

Recently my interest in figma seems to have taken a dip. This has somewhat to do with the fact that while they're posable, they're not really meant to be played with like you can with a typical action figure so I can't quite toss them on the bed to play with like I can with a Transformer figure. That said, I still have a few figma preorders still remaining, namely Samus and the Strike Witches couple Sanya and Eila. On the Nendoroid front, I have preorders for Yamada Aoi, Shinguuji Sakura, and Saber Zero.

2012-11 Nendoroid Gertrud Barkhorn

Speaking of preorders, I've noticed Strike Witch's Barkhorn is up. The good news is they've finally changed the stands to the moveable type that's standard on almost all recent Nendoroids, something that would have been nice had they done it with Charlotte.

I still think of this blog as 2D-ism. Old habits die hard. I've quit my 2nd job but it seems my primary job is starting to pick up. Just when I thought I'd get more time do do things like finally opening my toys. orz ^^;

(all images stolen from GSC website)

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