Sunday, June 2, 2013

Transformers Crossovers Glow In The Dark Iron Man and War Machine

Taking some old pictures I've been meaning to post online for a while now so forgive the "datedness" of the subject matter. It'll probably be that way for the next several postings. Below we have Transformers Crossovers Glow In The Dark Iron Man and War Machine.

I'm not a particular fan of the Transformers Crossovers line because the articulation suffers from ratchets that are set way too wide so you have figures stuck in poses that don't look that natural. It's alright for kids I guess but for figure collectors who value posability, this kinda bites. Because of that, I have very few of these.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Minicon Decepticon Airlift

Bought this one at Family Dollar. I like him. His coloring is good.

This guy has Cyberjet-style missile launchers.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A few new toys.


One of my favorite new toys of the year isn't really a toy. It's a HTC One V that I got from Radioshack for $50 early in the year. I originally got the One V due to the price to try out Android as well as try out Virgin Mobile. Unfortunately, while VM had a pretty decent deal on paper, their data reliability was crappy and often I got very slow and unreliable speeds. So instead of using the One V as my replacement phone, I'm planning to replace my iPod Touch 4 with this as my stand-alone mobile device. The biggest feature of Android for me is the speech to text ability that you access wherever you can pull up the software keyboard at. This feature is important as often I want a way to jot down notes and ideas without having to type it while driving. For this reason, I'll likely eventually replace my Lumia with an Android phone since that feature relies on a data connection.

On a different tangent, I got quite a few Lego sets last year due to clearances at Walmart and other places. I especially got a number of the smaller sets like the ones pictured below. My favorite of the bagged sets has to be the mini bulldozer by far. Am I a kid or what? ;)


Friday, March 8, 2013

Transformers Prime Soundwave

Soundwave's alt mode?!
Um, yeah...

I was originally going to do a TF Prime Soundwave post shortly after doing IABWSS 6.1 but I totally forgot about it in the heydays that followed so here it finally is. Soundwave attracted my attention due to its unique design. However, I totally fell in love with it once I discovered the alt-mode "mouth". :D

Monday, February 18, 2013

Erector Motorbike Maxi Kit


I was at Tuesday Morning and spotted an Erector Motorbike Maxi Kit for $2.40. I happened to see a pic of Strarf Mk2 on an Erector Trike on 4chan the night before so I decided to go buy the kit and try it out. It was a pain and a half to build, a quick and easy Lego set this is not. This is my first and also my last Erector set that I buy and build, I do not like it at all. :p

Monday, February 11, 2013

My first Touhou Nendoroid!

Got my first Touhou Project nendoroid this weekend, Alice Margatroid! Like everything else, it'll be a while before I open her... orz

I kinda wish had a way to track which of your figures are open like how does with your Transformer figures.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Driving with Partio and Pomock

I tried Gandalf's Turkey Melt at Denny's last week. It wasn't bad but Which Wich's Thank You Turkey was better. I think the cheese overwhelmed the Turkey Melt. It also didn't help that the service at Denny's was horribly slow and I had to request my gravy dip to get it. The Turkey Melt is one of the movie tie-in meals for The Hobbit movie and it has turkey, stuffing, cheese, and mustard sauce with a gravy dip and a side order. The Thank You Turkey OTOH is almost the same except different bread and minus the gravy dip but adds cranberry which really makes a difference. Plus you pick your own cheese and add a whole lot of fixings which was absent on the Turkey Melt. And it's cheaper to boot; oh the humanity. I think I'll go have a Thank You after work tomorrow just because.

Anyways, moving on...

Back in mid-December, my father and step-mother asked that I ferry them to Galveston so they can go on a cruise and I decided to take a couple of Shinki along in case the weather was good enough. Unfortunately, it wasn't and it started raining shortly after I dropped my parents off. So I was wondering what to do and decided if I can't take pictures of the Shinki out in Galveston, might as well take pictures of them in the car. And on top of that, I took a video too.

I actually took more than one video but uploading takes a long time so it might take a while to put everything up plus it's all the same thing: Partio and Pomock riding in the front of the car past various locales. Not very exciting but I just felt like doing it because of the weather. :p

Anyways, pic parade!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday season. I had Xmas eve dinner at my bro's and there was a good family get together. Plenty of noms for everyone. :)


It's been so long since the last update! I thought work would slow down after the summer season but things picked right back up and before I knew it, holiday season was in full swing. Thanks to holiday sales at HLJ, Amazon, and other places, I racked up a lot of toys but due to work, I hardly have any time to open and play with them! On top of that, there was simply too many unopened toys in my room and so on Xmas, I went and packed away maybe half of them and put them in the garage attic to open at a later time. So my current goal is to open up all of my boxed Nendoroids and figmas before spring season rolls around because I want them to be indoors before they get subjected to summer heat. Same with the Shinkis and other toys although they get to stay in my room for now.

My unopened Shinkis. Quite a stack to go through...

Since I have so many unopened toys and left my blog to rust for much of 2012, my focus for 2013 is to get those toys opened and post more content. That's going to be tricky since I have so much to do but I'm sure I'll work it in somehow.

A hint of my next post, driving with Shinkis! Laters!

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