Friday, March 8, 2013

Transformers Prime Soundwave

Soundwave's alt mode?!
Um, yeah...

I was originally going to do a TF Prime Soundwave post shortly after doing IABWSS 6.1 but I totally forgot about it in the heydays that followed so here it finally is. Soundwave attracted my attention due to its unique design. However, I totally fell in love with it once I discovered the alt-mode "mouth". :D

TF Prime Soundwave

TF Prime Soundwave

TF Prime Soundwave
"Laserbeak, eject!"

TF Prime Soundwave
"Tell me, who's your daddy?"

Alternate angle view of vehicle mode. I just realized I never did a proper shot from the front (with the "mouth" closed). orz

Lower angle view.

Upside down view. "It's dead, Jim."

TF Prime Soundwave
"I like it THIS much."

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