Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A few new toys.


One of my favorite new toys of the year isn't really a toy. It's a HTC One V that I got from Radioshack for $50 early in the year. I originally got the One V due to the price to try out Android as well as try out Virgin Mobile. Unfortunately, while VM had a pretty decent deal on paper, their data reliability was crappy and often I got very slow and unreliable speeds. So instead of using the One V as my replacement phone, I'm planning to replace my iPod Touch 4 with this as my stand-alone mobile device. The biggest feature of Android for me is the speech to text ability that you access wherever you can pull up the software keyboard at. This feature is important as often I want a way to jot down notes and ideas without having to type it while driving. For this reason, I'll likely eventually replace my Lumia with an Android phone since that feature relies on a data connection.

On a different tangent, I got quite a few Lego sets last year due to clearances at Walmart and other places. I especially got a number of the smaller sets like the ones pictured below. My favorite of the bagged sets has to be the mini bulldozer by far. Am I a kid or what? ;)


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