Friday, May 31, 2013

Minicon Decepticon Airlift

Bought this one at Family Dollar. I like him. His coloring is good.

This guy has Cyberjet-style missile launchers.


Shoulders and hips are ball joints. Knee swivel but no elbows. Like most Minicons, it's a fairly simple transformation. However, the instructions still goofed up on his chest transformation. The chest piece has two swivel joints that you move around to get the chest up against his body. When transforming back into a plane, you need to make sure you properly transform the chest part before flipping down the head.





Showing location of Minicon port.

As usual, I've been lax in posting stuff. It'll probably remain that way for the near future or at least until I switch to a job with a more stable schedule. Recent anime I've finished watching are Maoyu and Girls Und Panzer. I really didn't expect to like GUP especially with its predictable plot but I liked it nevertheless. It probably helps that the main character Miho reminded me a lot of one of my favorite idols from iM@S, Yukiho. Her personality, voice, way of speaking, and hairstyle are all quite similar. I also liked Maoyu and hope to see a sequel soon before. I never quite got into Spice & Wolf but the RPG elements of Maoyu helped reel me in. Mao is quite cute too. XD

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