Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ke-tai Sousakan 7 DX Phone Braver 01 and Boost Phone Analyzer

This time, we have PB 01 for review! Let's take a look! Since the only difference between the Phone Bravers in physical design is the color, we won't look at all the different sides again this time. If you haven't seen PB 3's review, check here!

Hmm, looks like 01 is sulking away due to 3 getting reviewed first and having less pictures to boot. But I'm sure he'll turn around.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ke-tai Sousakan 7 DX Phone Braver 3 and Boost Phone Medic


"You were expecting 01 but it was me, 3!" Yes, I know 3 wouldn't say something like that... ^^;

A little over 2 and a half years ago, I got 2 DX Phone Bravers from HLJ. Originally, I wasn't planning on getting them (I even had a couple posts in the past stating that) but the price dropped low enough that I was willing to give them a try (that and I think they had free shipping during the sale as well). I wound up getting 3 (pronounced "Third") and 01 (pronounced "Zero-One") as well as their Boost Phone Medic and Analyzer. 7 was long sold out but I already have the Chogokin version of 7 so I was okay with that. Anyways...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Delicious chicken sandwich

This post was brought to you by a craving for Chick-fil-a. As you can see, I ate half the fries before taking the pic. ^^; And, yes, I eat mine with Polynesian sauce.

The deluxe spicy chicken sandwich. How good a chicken sandwich is can vary since unlike other fast food chains, a Chick-fil-a chicken fillet is almost never the same. This time, I had a good one and it was delicious.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

This is a steal!


I am sooooo tempted. Daitarn 3 is one of my favorites of the old era classic robots so I am seriously considering this even if I don't have any more room! Hell my room could be completely jam-packed and I'd still  consider getting this! Hell, I might even be crazy enough to get one for play and one for viewing and one for storage! Nah, at the most, maybe one for play and one for storage but I think that's still crazy enough! XD

This kind of deal only comes once in a very rare blue moon so if you like Chogokin and/or classic robot, I recommend to totally go for this. Plus free shipping (remember to enter code if you  not Premium+ member). For heavy toys like Chogokin, that's a very nice extra gravy on top. I'm gonna go order right now...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today's figure purchase

So I was looking through today's Crunchyroll sales. Some of the stuff in their email for today like Figuarts Red Ranger and Cu-Poche Amami Haruka for about $10 each were not available. Not sure if that mean they sold out or the staff flubbed and they weren't available to begin with. In their place, there's was some different deals like loli Sonico and Kawamura Yu for $25 each. I'm a bit miffed that it's all for more expensive stuff but okay, I can take Kawamura (plus I already have a Cu-Poche Haruka anyways :P) so I bought and when I went back to the original product page, it reads "Out of stock". WTF?! Did I buy the last one or did they only have one to begin with? Don't know if I'll ever find the answer to this one... :P

crunchy kawamura

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

July loot post (Wait, why so late?) :p

Okay, let's get this over with. Loot photos are fun when you have time to do it but it can be a pain to arrange and post up so I lost track and they got lost in the backburner. This is from back in July 2014.

So we have a box from HLJ.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How I lost 2 hours time

Step 1: I decided I wanted to change how my Twitter page looks.

My old Twitter background. I took it from Parasol's official website. I took measurements from both the image and Twitter to see where the cutoff points were for certain items.

Step 2: Choose new background. I started off with something a bit more smutty. My first attempt was Nogizaka Haruka in lingerie (Yes from that dakimakura cover, that dakimakura cover by far my favorite dakimakura image and I will probably never tire of it until I die. I swear that image is god, wtf am I saying but it's true it is full of ero and cute.). Anyways, I then switched to Azuma Hatsuki in tentacles but I ended with something more all-ages. I think this better choice.

My initial Hazuki choice was the highlighted one.

Step 3: IrfanView & GIMP. Each has their own advantage and limitations but without both, image editing would be much more pain in the ass. IrfanView is great because it is easy to size image parts down to the exact pixel, something I can't easily do in GIMP. But for serious image effects, you need GIMP (or Photoshop). GIMP is a pain to use though. Half the time is looking up how to do this and that in GIMP.


Step 4: Seeing how it looks on Twitter. I post each of the results I ended up with (including sexy Haruka and tentacle Hatsuki) and see how it looks.

I think final result looks okay. But I don't use Twitter that much so this maybe very waste of time. orz

My Twitter btw Doesn't seem like it shows the custom background when viewed by others so seriously what's the point? orz

Friday, March 6, 2015

First world problems?

These were taken from a Toys R Us back in summer of 2014. Last month, the Lego Fireman was still there.

WP_20140516_010w WP_20140521_001w WP_20140521_003w WP_20140521_002w WP_20140521_004w

And now for what I really want to talk about. :P I'm finding that I'm taking more stuff than I can process whether it be buying toys and eroge or deciding what anime to watch. There's simply too much stuff I want to play or watch. So I'm going to have to painfully hold myself back on each of those fronts until I'm at a more comfortable state. It'll be easier said than done since I still intend to get the TFs I really want but the rest of the stuff (outside of what I've already pre-ordered) should hopefully be skippable. I've been busy updating my foreign purchases through MFC and it should be relatively close to a complete look at my current collection.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I lose steam too easily. I get an idea, prepare to write about it, get distracted, then lose the idea or the inspiration to write it. I fail at life.

One of the anime I've been catching up on is Idol Master. Just watched episode 20 and I saw a bit of myself in Chihaya when she withdrew from everyone. Unlike Chihaya however, I didn't have a Haruka to turn me around and ultimately I pretty much clawed myself out of that darkness. Probably because of that, I seem to have a somewhat of a "twisted" personality. Of course, I try not to let that show very often, lol.

imas 20 chihaya 02e

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mixels Nurp-Naut

Found Mixels wave 4 at the local Target last night and picked up the Orbitrons.


First thing that caught my eyes about these guys is that two of them seem to have ball joints for all four limbs. That, the space theme, and the lime green, made me decide to grab the set on the spot. I might get Vampos of the Glowkies later and that's probably all I'll get for Wave 4. Come to think of it, I don't think I've posted my other Mixels yet so I'll need to get on that later.


I went ahead and built Nurp-Naut first since he's the cutest with that droopy eye.


He also has a second face on the other side. The hole in the disc piece it's mounted on kinda ruins the look but it's not too bad once you get used to it. The head's on a swivel joint so you can switch faces at will.

Spare parts. An extra eye piece means this guy has a total of 4 eye pieces.

I'll build the other guys later, likely one each night. I also picked up some Lego Minifigures from series 13.

These were the main ones I was after. If I had run across the Samurai girl, I would have got her as well but since I found the ones I really want already, it's going to be a pass. At $4, I find it hard to justify a Minifigure purchase especially when I can get a much more fun Mixels set for just a dollar more. :/

Also picked up the Lego Movie Double-Decker Couch. Normally I'd wait for a sale but something tells me this is going to be hard to find if I don't pick it up ASAP.

Not related to Lego but I picked up a couple of the mini-sized TF Rescue Bots on clearance. I actually found these more fun than the recent Legends Class figures which is sad considering how much more expensive the Legends figures are. The Rescue Bots are simple, sturdy, cheap, and fun; everything the Legends sadly aren't. -_-;

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