Sunday, April 2, 2017

Watched Ghost in the Shell

Got a free ticket for Ghost in the Shell from Crunchyroll. I almost walked out during the first half hour but got myself to sit through it. I wasn't a fan of the original animated movie (I thought it was okay) and this one wasn't much better or worse. I thought Beat Takeshi was wasted in this movie. Yeah, he looked badass at the end but he really didn't fit in with the rest of the movie especially since he's the only one who spoke Japanese (what was with that anyways, him being the only character who did that?). I wasn't bothered by the white-washing. The CEO was white, the tech team was white, they're replacing her original body anyways, just make her white! The city was totally Blade Runner. Probably because of that, it totally did not blow me away because for all the CGI used, it didn't feel any more spectacular in comparison to Blade Runner's city. I'm surprised at the amount of scenes the live action lifted from the animated version. I give it a C-. Watchable but barely. I'm glad it was a free ticket. :p

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