Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's the blog about anyways?

This blog is about the various hobbies I have and my efforts to sustain them despite my low income:

Toys: I collect Transformers, bishoujo figures, Busou Shinki, and maybe the occasional Gundam model.
Video games: My current active consoles are the Wii, DS, and iPod Touch. I also have Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, and Sega CDX that are currently collecting dust.
Manga: Anything goes as long as it doesn't get too melodramatic and drawn out. I also read plenty of eromanga. ^^;
Anime: Like manga, anything goes. Don't watch much ero stuff though.
Eroge: AKA bishoujo games. I'm big on this as well however I can never find enough time to play what I want. :(
Smartphones, PDA, & other portable tech toys: I've been using Palms for a long time before finally switching to iPod Touch since Palm ditched their stand-alone PDA platform. I currently use a Nokia N95 as my phone.

I go under the alias of Yanachan on Hongfire. Currently in Houston, TX. Mainly collects Transformers toys but started collecting figures as well as various other import toys from mid-2009 onwards. Need to re-arrange room to fit all the new toys & figures that are now crowding around the living space. Knows some Japanese and uses that knowledge to read, watch, and play raw manga, anime, and eroge.

Forgot to mention favorite genres: Robots, gender benders, and yuri. Also like ecchi stuff as well. XD I especially like trap eroge like Otoboku and Sweet Legacy.

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