Sunday, July 7, 2019

DLsite, a site for e-doujinshi and eromanga

While I do buy physical copies of doujinshi once in a blue moon, the majority of doujinshi I buy are digital. Most of them are bought from a place called DLsite ( They sell a gamut of downloadable goods including doujinshi, games, voice works, etc. The site has been around for at least over a decade; my earliest purchase is back in 2006! My main reasons for using them are their frequent sales and that a good chunk of their stuff are DRM free. There's plenty of DRM content but those are clearly labeled. Although I usually avoid DRM material, some are either from my favorite artists or too cheap to ignore so I can't help but buy a few of them. (shrug)

DLsite's closest competitor is probably DMM but I'm not a fan of them. They're like the Walmart/Amazon of digital goods and kinda shady too, IMO. It seems they may have dabbled in some piracy in the past before entering the legal game. Regardless, I'll probably have to get an account at some point as they seem to be the cheapest place to get the all-ages manga I'm looking for.

While you can get some regular manga at DLsite, the selection is far limited compared to DMM and other major digital book sellers. DLsite mainly specializes in doujin and ero works which is fine for me. My latest poison is actually voice works, mainly composed of either mimikaki or other ASMR-related stuff as well as some ecchi stuff too. Usually listen to them at work, heh.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

TF/Lego hybrid oddity...

Found this weird thing at DD's recently. It uses Lego's build-a-figure skeleton as its base with the armor parts heavily based on the Transformers movie aesthetic. No, I didn't buy it; it looks horrid.

So it's been another year since my last post. I've been busy. Stuff to watch, stuff to read, stuff to play. First world problems, LOL. Naturally, the blog gets put off for a while. I still come back to it though. It gives me a chance to reflect on myself and my current status.

I've been buying a lot of digital content from DLSite. It's a great site if you want to get your digital doujinshi fix legally. I would go more into it but I feel it needs its own post because there's a list of benefits and pitfalls to using a site like this. If you don't want to wait for such a post (because who knows when I'll get around to it 😅), they do have an English portal. You can access it at ( The selection isn't as good as the main portal but there should be plenty to look at.

I guess that's it for now. Hopefully, I'll have another post out before the end of the year. 😅😅😅

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Beast Hunters Apex Armor

From Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, it's the Apex Armor featuring Breakdown. Basically a power armor for Legends class figures. A main figure can stand in the main chest cavity while two more can stand on a platform you can flip up from the back.

Assault mode. Transformation reminds me of Gunhed. You split apart the legs and pulling apart the side parts roll forward the chest and shoulder cannons. The cannons can't roll into place in robot mode because the side parts block the way.

Basically a simple but nice looking assault vehicle for legends class figures.

The included figure, Breakdown. His chest doesn't look in place so it tends to roll apart during play.

Breakdown's vehicle mode. Solid vehicle but if you forget how to take the vehicle apart for transformation, you may end up throwing him against the wall.

I think I'll get rid of him eventually. I'm planning to do spring cleaning and this guy's already first on the list. I got the Apex Armor to satisfy my curiosity so now that's quenched, I can get rid of him. :p

Monday, February 12, 2018

FW SD Gundam Neo - Unicorn & RX-78

I forgot where I got those 2; either at a TRU or a Barnes and Noble. Apparently their original price is 370 yen so not bad price for imports.

 We'll start with RX-78-2.

 Box contents. Main body is mostly assembled already.

Assembled figure. Very basic articulation; just head and shoulder swivels. Your basic collect and display stuff.

 I guess the main gimmick for this line is that eye and camera parts use clear parts. It's more visible when using the flash.

 Next up is Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode.

And a flash picture to highlight the eyes.

There's a noticable size difference between RX-78 and Unicorn.

Back picture. Mainly got these guys on a whim. Not bad but definitely not getting any more. XD

This is mainly a test post. Did most of this from my Kindle Fire HD8 tablet that I got during summer. This replaces all my other tablets as it's more powerful than I expected for the price and it turns out the 8" screen size is perfect for me. (Tried a 10" and it was to unweildy.) And of course there's the added benefit of using Amazon Prime with this which may also be considered a con because the pairing will pretty much sucker you into the Amazon Prime ecosystem. It's a very powerful pairing as having a Kindle Fire allows you to taste most of the online media offerings of Amazon Prime. And there's anime related songs available too such as stuff from Claris and Kalafina. Serious stuff here... Anyways, got distracted...

My job has also stabilized. I'm now a regular employee at my current workplace and will stay there until either retirement unless I find something else. That means eventually I'll have more time to do other stuff, including the blog. Although I'm not sure about the blog. I'll still do it on and off but my original intent for the blog has kinda gone away so I'm going to take a much more relaxed stance towards what I post here.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Watched Ghost in the Shell

Got a free ticket for Ghost in the Shell from Crunchyroll. I almost walked out during the first half hour but got myself to sit through it. I wasn't a fan of the original animated movie (I thought it was okay) and this one wasn't much better or worse. I thought Beat Takeshi was wasted in this movie. Yeah, he looked badass at the end but he really didn't fit in with the rest of the movie especially since he's the only one who spoke Japanese (what was with that anyways, him being the only character who did that?). I wasn't bothered by the white-washing. The CEO was white, the tech team was white, they're replacing her original body anyways, just make her white! The city was totally Blade Runner. Probably because of that, it totally did not blow me away because for all the CGI used, it didn't feel any more spectacular in comparison to Blade Runner's city. I'm surprised at the amount of scenes the live action lifted from the animated version. I give it a C-. Watchable but barely. I'm glad it was a free ticket. :p

Monday, March 6, 2017

Kre-o Star Trek Enterprise

Kre-o Star Trek Enterprise
I got this set when Amazon put them on clearance for $17 back during the 2013 holiday season. However, it wasn't until 2015 that I got around to putting it together. ^^;; This is based off the new movie version of the Enterprise and was part of the toy merchandise for Into Darkness (which sucked bricks, btw :P).

Monday, February 13, 2017

Puzzle and Dragons

So I said I would talk about PaD. It's a mobile game that's pretty much taken up almost all of my game playing time and then some. It's basically your typical mobile monster/card collection game combined with a match-3 puzzle game element.

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