Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New figures from Amazon Jp

I had forgotten to post about a package I got a little over a week ago. I'm lazy to rewrite this so a quick copy&paste...


Excellent Model Queen's Blade Alein
1/4 scale swimsuit Fate
Fireball DVD Winter package
Bought from and shipped through Tenso.

This was a "spur of the moment" purchase when I happened upon an article saying Fate's at 6783 yen. My mind got hit by a virtual frying pan and before I knew it, I placed one in the cart already even though I wasn't sure I really want one. In the end I went ahead with the purchase while adding a couple more stuff just for the heck of it. I think this might be my last figure purchase for a while. I spent more money during the last few months than in the last few years with a big chunk of that coming from figures & toys so I need to reign in the spending. I didn't take Fate out since I don't have a place to put her but damn she looks gorgeous. Looks a lot better in person than in the pics. I'm glad I got her after all.

Cost breakdown:
Queen's Blade Alein 3968 yen
1/4 scale Fate 6783 yen
Fireball Winter pkg 4351 yen
Amazon total: 15,102 yen = $162.95 + $8.14 tax (they charge tax on anything shipped to local address)(yen to $ conversion made by Amazon)
EMS shipping fee: 5400 yen
Tenso service fee: 980 yen
Tenso total: 6380 yen = $70.26 (yen to $ conversion by Paypal)
Final total: $241.35

That total really ballooned real quick due to me adding a couple stuff there. Fireball I've been on the fence for a while now and Alein was also kinda spur of the moment. I probably could have done without Alein but I wanted to get at least something else other than just 2 items.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteru 2 has been announced by CaramelBox. I'm a huge fan of the first game and really looking forward to the 2nd one. The main character and heroine looks reversed as the main character looks like the heroine and vice versa. The main male character looking like a heroine is nothing new but having a main heroine who's definitely more like the male protagonist than the actual protagonist is definitely not something you see often in eroge.

Official website:

I took some pictures over the weekend. Some during the late afternoon/evening on Saturday and morning/early afternoon on Sunday. I haven't had time to check the results yet so I'll have to do it during the weekdays.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Canon PowerShot SD780IS

I picked the PowerShot SD780IS and bought it from Amazon. Currently they have it for $199 until maybe Jan 16. Plus I got a free 4GB class 4 Kingston SDHC card. See the product page for details if you're interested.

Actually I first saw the SD780IS at a holiday dinner party held by the company I work at. They gave out prizes and stuff and one of the coworkers nearby won the camera and she asked me to check it out and confirm for her it's a digital camera (she's middle-aged :p). My first impression at the time was "DAMN, it's small!" and not surprisingly enough, that's still my first impression on taking my camera out of the box. I'll be testing it out over the weekend even though it's chilly and all because of the cold snap hitting much of the US right now. Hopefully I won't break it right off the bat. ^^;

Monday, January 4, 2010

Alter Masou Shizuka figure

Something draws me to Alter's Masou Shizuka figure. I find there's a subtle cool seductiveness to Shizuka's expression that I'm liking. Not enough that I'd pre-order it but still I'd snap one up at the right price.

Pic from Amiami.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Niconico watch (one of many)

I was looking at Shigatake's Pixiv account after Kotaku had posted about his cute & sexy anthropomorphed versions of the colossi from PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus and it seems during the summer he had did a couple of minigames for the Japanese WarioWare DIY featuring Win2K-tan and Muramasa's Kongiku with some nice breast bouncing action. Of course, there are other far racier mini-games out there but this was of note to me because it was done by a pro illustrator.

Namco's IdolMaster is by far the best game that I have never played. I could just watch gameplay videos on Nico well into next year and not get tired of them. The characters are so cute and animated nicely!♥ Ahem! Anyways, cute video of Azusa in kindergarten level outfit. The mismatch of the oldest idol in such an outfit makes it all the more fun to watch. The charmpoint is the ahoge sticking out of her hat.

Final one, MAD featuring Strike Witches. Seriously NSFW plus high poison rate.

Warning: watching too much Niconico will seriously reduce your productivity. -_-;;

Friday, January 1, 2010


My first purchase from Toylet which arrived on Wednesday. Found out from that they had a sale so took a look and these were what I got.


Busou Shinki Light Feather $19.99
Shuraki Ryu Meifen $44.99
Fraulein Revoltech Bunny Girl Haruhi $24.99
(shipping was $20)

I've been wanting a Shuraki for a long time so glad I got that out of the way. Although I haven't seen any reports of her leaning, I'm still a bit wary due to her pose. Light Feather is my first Busou Shinki figure. I got her because...megane *dies*. ^^; And Bunny Haruhi is my first Fraulein Revoltech; I got her on a whim. Something about her just grabbed me. I think she just seemed like a fun figure to have.

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