Friday, March 5, 2010

Big post!

New package from the middle of the week. Contains Nanoha A's Battle of Aces PSP Lyrical Box w/ pre-order card, Doki Majo Plus for DS, The White Lion Extra Black, Figma Sakurahime w/ winter campaign set, and Busou Shinki Merienda w/ bonus parts container.

Item specific pics after the cutoff.

Lyrical Box front

Lryical Box rear

Pre-order bonus download card. Allows you to download some bonus content from Playstation Network.

Doki Majo Plus

Figma Sakurahime

Busou Shinki Merienda

The White Lion Extra Black

No cost breakdown here; too lazy plus I didn't save any money. (Yes, I post cost breakdown so I can brag how much money I save. Import stuff ain't cheap. :p)

Here's a few pics of earlier stuff.

Winter Drossel. I've read she has some QC problems and mine seems to be affected as well. One of the pegs that connects to the Gizmo treads is loose at the wrong end so can easily fall loose if not careful. Plus I broke her beard. It'll stick back together enough that I can take a pic or two but it's a pain. I'll need to whip out the superglue one of these days.

Queen's Blade Allean from MegaHouse. Her green paint comes off easily and her head was so tight so I couldn't help getting a couple of light green streaks on her hair from her forearm guard while doing her castoff. I wound up using one of the many plastic films she comes with to cover the offending arm while popping her head off so no more green streaks.

Allean without her cap.

Less her cape and dress. I seem to like this version the best; her bare breasts seem angular and boxy and doesn't look good so I prefer her with her top on.

Busou Shinki Bright Feather. I just realized this is my first picture of her here out of the box. I liked her a lot and thus when I noticed Amiami had their half-off shipping and still had Shinkis, I bought some which resulted in the mid-February package.

Busou Shinki Mao Chao, the only Shinki out of that package that I've unboxed so far. ^^; I'll slowly get around to unboxing the others but the problem is I've been buying a lot of toys lately and you can't just unbox them all at once so I'm spacing them out as I go. I used the plain wall as Mao's background but it doesn't look as good as the paper background I used for Bright Feather so I'll be sticking with that from now on.

I have to say, I'm liking Flickr much more for blog pictures than Photobucket. The default html posting size is just right for blogs while PB's thumbnails are just way too small. It also helps that Flickr doesn't have a storage cap like PB.

On a last note, most of my figure pics including all of the ones in this post are taken with my new camera, the Canon SD780IS. I like it A LOT. It's an excellent point & shoot in a very compact size. It'll be some time before I explore all of its functions but I'm already very satisfied with what I've experienced so far. I'm glad I got it. :D


  1. I loove nanoha^^ I don't really kno who the other are. Check out my blog too I'll be bloging about anime and manga and rpgs.

  2. Sakura Hime is from Pla-Wres(tler) Sanshiro, an old manga/anime. Drossel is from Fireball, a series of 3D animated shorts (3 minutes) made by Disney Japan. Allean is from Queen's Blade, a TTRPG(I think) turned anime. The rest are original stuff not based on anything.

    I see you're fairly new too. Good luck on your blog.


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