Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crunchyroll app for iPhone

Yay, Crunchyroll has a streaming app! For those who don't know, Crunchyroll is a legal anime streaming site as in they have the official backing of the people who make the anime that's available on their site. As such when, you pay for their premium service, some of that money actually goes to the makers rather than some guy who's ripping you off for content you can get for free. Seriously, don't pay any money to any site that tries to charge for providing anime/manga content unless you can verify it has official backing of the original makers of the product (and even then be wary). Enough of the soapbox, I haven't had time to verify it but if the app works as advertised, it means you can stream QUALITY anime streams to your iPhone/iPod Touch. The caveat is you have to use wifi and you need to have an account (free for non-premium members). I'll try it myself when I get a chance but I'm kinda busy and there are other apps I need to find time to try out as well.

Link to the app webpage is here.

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