Monday, March 29, 2010

Fate T. Harlaown 1/4 swimsuit by GoodSmileCompany

I think I kinda went overboard but here goes...

Last two pics show Fate with Danboard mini and Chogokin Drossel for size comparison purposes. Fate's really nice I have to say, an outstanding piece. The only problem now is to find space for her because she's to big too fit into my figure shelf! >_<;;

PS: One initial problem I had with Fate was that the front peg on her stand was too tight and after the incident with Yda, I was initially going to just use the leg support but I decided to just work on the peg first and I was able to get the socket loose enough to accept the peg. She really does need a stand of some sort because while she can stand by herself, it's a very delicate balance and any kinda tipping or slight force will be enough to send her crashing down and with a figure her size, the result won't be pretty.

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