Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dakimakura or "hugging pillow" covers

I guess it's about time I unwrapped the 6 dakimakura covers I've got so far.

dakimakura covers,G's Festival
Kagura Hinata, Daiba Minato, and Nogizaka Haruka dakimakura covers. Hinata is the only stand alone dakimakura I've purchased mainly because she was almost half off at Amiami and I wanted to compare a stand-alone to the magazine bonus dakimakura covers; it's also apparently the only one that's a bit shorter compared to the others. Minato (from Dengeki G’s Festival! Vol.16), which I had initially got as a "throw away" cover, turns out to be my favorite of the 6 in both feel and image print quality and looks much better in person. Haruka (Dengeki G's Festival ANIME vol. 3) has a shiny look to the cover and also feels different as well despite being made of the same materials as the other covers (polyester?); it's also the only one without a zipper.

dakimakura covers,Saki,Ebiten
Kanamori Hakata, Saki DVD vol2, and Saki DVD vol7 dakimakura covers. Hakata came with Ebiten Special Box and has the same feel and shiny sheen as the Haruka cover. The Saki covers came with their respective DVDs and seem to be the lowest quality of the covers as well as the most expensive to acquire; they're also the most risque of the covers.

dakimakura covers,Saki,H2O
Rear view of Hinata, Saki DVD vol2, and Saki DVD vol7 covers. The other three are blank white on the other side.

dakimakura covers,G's Festival
One more shot of the first 3.

Hinata is the only cover that says 2 way tricot (85% polyester, 15% polyurethane) although the cover label claims it's 100% polyester. All the other covers only mention polyester. The Haruka and Hakata covers have rather pronounced creases which I worry if they'll go away or not after a wash. The Saki cover and Hinata covers are apparently made by the same company which makes me wonder about the apparent gap in quality between them; they're also made in Japan as opposed to the other three which are made in China. Because of how much I like the Minato cover, I'm regretting not getting the G's Festival! Comic vol9 which featured the Ryuubi cover. The Saki covers have a slightly sticky feel to them and on the vol7 cover also has a strange smell to it that's absent on the rest of the covers. Because of that, the vol7 cover has become my immediate test subject for a light run through the washing machine on light cycle w/ smidgeon of detergent with the vol2 being the 2nd subject if the vol7 doesn't come out too bad. The rest will be hung on the wall or handwashed when I find the time for it if it's going to be put onto an actual pillow. My first pillow will be one from Bed Bath & Beyond and future purchases will depend on how that one turns out.

My dakimakura ranking at this time: Minato > Hinata > Saki vol2 > Hakata > Haruka > Saki vol7.

edit: I just realized I forgot to note where the Minato and Haruka covers came from. Added in.

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