Sunday, June 6, 2010

Unposted toys & figures from May

Some stuff I got last month but didn't post.

Ignis Ignis
Ignis Ignis
Ignis from Tengai Makyou. 1/8 scale from Yamato. Easy castoff but she looks better with her clothes on. Looks very good and sexy. Sword is too delicate though. It broke when my hand bumped into it. Fixed with superglue.

Akihiko Akihiko
Akihiko from Persona 3. 1/10 scale by Kotobukiya. I needed a guy figure so I chose him. Comes with 9 minute drama CD.

Saki Saki Saki
Saki DVD vol 7 w/ dakimakura. Box contains DVD & Dakimakura. I also have DVD vol 2 with dakimakura. I'll showcase the dakimakuras at a later time but they probably rank on the lower end of my dakimakura collection because the image it's based on is fairly low res. I personally don't mind that much but it's very obvious when compared to most other dakimakuras which are usually based on a high resolution image due to the size of dakimakuras.

Figma Subaru. I've been spoiled by the acsta Subaru as the figma looks fairly weak in comparison. It's not a bad figma but it has its weaknesses.

Nendo Drossel. Haven't really had much chance to play with her. I will say she has a much better implemented light up gimmick compared to Chogokin Drossel. I also prefer her more solid clear bands on her Belinda helmet to the Chogokin's softy bands.

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