Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Latest loot pics

This is from end of June.

Re-ment Cafe Table, Re-ment Sushi Meguri, Bushou Shinki EX Tsugaru, Revoltech Layton, and G's Festival Comic vol.12.

A pic of the cafe table for size comparison.

At the table are Nendo Drossel and MMS Eika having California Rolls from the Sushi Meguri series.

I'll post pics of Tsugaru up later. I haven't even opened Layton yet. A lot of my Revoltechs won't be opened until I find myself a Revoplier unless someone's willing to donate one (or suggest a suitable alternative). :p

Momoyo dakimakura cover from G's Festival Comic vol.12. Very sexy, I like. :D




Om nom nom.

I'm expecting Otoboku 2 as well as other loot to arrive tomorrow. Once that arrives, I'll likely be doing nothing but playing Otoboku until I fully complete it. The package will also be my last major bulk purchase as I'm finally officially laid off. I still have some outstanding pre-orders but I may cancel some of them if my unemployment lasts too long.

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