Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sony Move: NOT impressed :p

I had the opportunity to try out the PS3 Move at a mall and damn I am so not impressed. At the core, all they did was copy Wii's hardware technique and other than a few minor differences, works almost the exact same way with pretty much the same weaknesses inherent in this technique. Sony has totally lost this one.

The Wii works by having a camera sensor and the motion balance sensors in the controller and the navigation lights at the TV. The Move works by having the camera at the TV but having the motion sensor and navigation light in the controller. So all the Move did was switch the position of the light and the camera. Wii owners will NOT be impressed.

The attendee at the mall said "unlike the Wii, you really have to move your body!" I went to a tennis game and employed the cheat of just moving the hand and wrist to swing the racquet and it sure worked. So much for that claim. :p Also using the Move controller to move through a menu system is a very imprecise job which can lead to quick frustration for some people. And unlike the Wii remote, there's no joypad controller already on there so you've got to go grab the default PS3 controller if you rather do things old school.

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