Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Pomock and squirrel affair


I took the above apparently epic squirrel pic (according to everyone who've seen it) featuring Pomock earlier in the week. People were impressed although it didn't felt like it was that impressive to me so I'll tell what I did.

My equipment was simple: one Pomock, my Canon point and shoot, and a bag of peanuts. The squirrels in the particular park I went to are a bit friendlier than your average squirrel provided you have nuts to feed them. On top of that, I could clearly see that the squirrels were chubbier than normal meaning they're fattening themselves up for winter. I picked a park table, attracted a few squirrels by waving a peanut around, and gave a couple of the peanuts so they'd know they have a real food source. I then set up the pose for Pomock and placed a peanut in her hands. Once a squirrel got close to Pomock, I pre-focused and started shooting until the squirrel took the peanut. Note that Pomock is only a few feet from me at most because I wanted to be able to snatch her back if any squirrel tried to drag her away so with the camera zoom at maximum, I was close enough to get a fairly good picture of the squirrel when it gets near Pomock. The only special thing I did with the camera was have it on continuous shoot mode which allows me to keep taking pictures as the action unfolds. I shot roughly 10 separate sequences with Pomock (IOW, I used at least 10 peanuts + 2 to get their attention in the first place). Simple, right? Now you too can take epic squirrel pics if you live in Houston. :D The location is marked on the Flickr page for the photo so do feel free to pay the squirrels a visit and tell me how it worked out. Now for being a good little kid and reading through the above, a little gift: I've uploaded some of my photos at their original resolution on ImageVenue, click the thumbnails below to view the full-size pics.

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