Monday, December 6, 2010

Megurine Luka and iPod Touch

Got some stuff lately. I post pics of the first few.

Nendo and figma Megurine Luka and a pink Hayabusa. Luka's figma articulation is rather hampered by her stiff skirt and lack of a hair joint. She looks nice though and she comes with a big fish which I'll post later. :D The Nendo is standard Nendo; not much as far as arm variety but it's got Tako-Luka which by itself is worth half the price of getting the set. The Hayabusa is part of series 2 minifigs. I'm only interested in this one and maybe the red one. I don't really have much of an interest in the other figures.

I also got a new 32GB iPod Touch 4 (left) to replace my old one (right), a 2nd gen 8GB. The lack of space has been an annoyance so the extra space was much needed. Another major factor was the improved performance as the 2nd gen was showing frequent hiccups with some apps under iOS4. Everything else is just gravy although it's very nice gravy. An unexpected bonus was that you can get a free version of a MobileMe account so that you can use the iPod Touch version of the "Find My iPhone" feature (only available with 4th gen Touch).

The new one is visibly thinner.

The volume buttons on the new Touch seem to use two separate button pieces instead of a single one like the old one.

For some reason, they switched the position of the power button. I prefer the old position.

At least they didn't switch the audio jack position. There would have been bloody hell murder if they did that. They've also added an actual speaker outlet on the new one meaning much louder and clearer sound.

You can just see the scratches on my old one. It's pretty banged up. It's had about 3 major falls. Don't know about the other Touches but my 2nd gen Touch is surprisingly durable.

The fact that the old one is still perfectly usable was a major reason I wasn't sure about getting a new one. Those with a 2nd gen should not upgrade to iOS4 if they can help it as it results in an even greater drop in performance compared to the iOS3 upgrade.

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