Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busou Shinki Artille and Renge

I finally got around to opening up the rest of my Shinkis.

First up is Artille.





I definitely like Artille more than Raptias not only because Raptias has the red faces. Artille is just all around more cute and has a bit more variety when it comes to weapons. Theoretically, you should be able to kitbash some neat armor/backpack combinations due to the modular nature of their armor pieces however as someone isn't good at this kind of creativity, this potential is pretty much wasted on me and if I had a chance to do the purchase over again, I'd probably pass both by completely. I'll keep them around to see if they grow on me. I like Artille enough to keep her around but not so sure about Raptias yet. I guess we'll see.

Next is Renge. 3 words: Renge. Is. LOVE. Photobucket







My personal version of Renge's "hip shaker of death" attack (that's what I'm calling it :p).

I knew I was going to like Renge but after having her in my hand, I like her a LOT. She is just so, SO cute. On top of that, she doesn't have Gabrine's ankle problems and her QC, while not without issues, is much better. Another thing is since Renge's helmet doesn't surround her lower head, she doesn't have the problem with her battle collar blocking her head movement that Gabrine has. Despite Gabrine's failures compared to Renge, I still love her.

And Renge does too! :D


  1. Renge really cute >w< make me want to try busou shinki

  2. I haven't decided which I like better between Artille and Raptias just yet. As for Renge and Gabrine, I absolutely LOVE them both. Even with Gab's shortcomings. Now that they're in-game I'm even happier about them. Must get Gab's review done soon.

  3. I really like them all except Raptias but I do like her too just not as much as Gabrine, Renge, and Artille. :p What they might lack in heavy duty equipment, they more than make up with cuteness! :D


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