Saturday, January 8, 2011

Busou Shinki Graffias and more costumes

I got a shipment of new toys including some new Shinkis. So it's time I decided on what to do with the boxes. I'll be keeping most of the light armor boxes while chucking most of the bigger boxes with some exceptions to each. But before I do that, it's time I dug out my remaining old Shinki that's still in her box, Graffias. In a nutshell, she is the hot & sexy. Since I just dug her out, for now the focus is just on her basic body. I'll try her combined mode some other time.





I also got a couple more costumes for the Shinkis, a red cheongsam and a Japanese school sailor uniform. As usual, I have Merienda try them out.





The cheongsam isn't really for Merienda however.




Unfortunately, it doesn't quite fit perfectly on Graffias. The dress tends to open up a bit in the middle of her back due to the way her upper body is molded (on top of that, there's her "bigger than a normal Shinki's" chest piece :p).



Naturally, I had to have Graffias try the sailor uniform as well.



Frankly, I have no idea how I got Graffias to stand with her legs like that. While arranging her legs, it felt like she could stand so I worked at it and she did it. However, I couldn't duplicate the feat afterwards. -_-;

As for the costumes themselves, the sailor uniform was okay but I was a bit disappointed with the cheongsam. On top of being a bad fit for Graffias, it's literally rough around the edges with pieces of the inside fabric slightly sticking out in places. For the most part though, it wasn't really noticeable so I'm willing to overlook it. BTW, the sailor uniform also came with white panty and socks. The panty was the real reason I wanted the sailor uniform because Merienda is currently using a naked body so up until now she's been going around butt-nekkid under that skirt. She does look somewhat more presentable now although for some reason, something's telling me she'd look even better with black or pink panties to match her Blythe dress. The Blythe dress remains by far my favorite dress for Merienda.

BTW, did I mention how much I love Graffias' high heels? *self explodes*


  1. Where did you get the outfits for them?

  2. The outfits are from Azone's Desktop Collection. I bought mine at Amiami and Hobby Search.


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