Saturday, January 29, 2011


I just realized I never did post 4.7 here even though I put it out a while ago.
If you don't get this, go read/watched Love Hina. Even then it's still kinda random.


This strip was really an excuse for me to put Graffias in a school uniform in the comic.


  1. Graffias is looking good in the uniform. May I ask where you got it from? I wish I had gotten that Nendoroid playset too.

  2. Cute turtle ;)

    where you got that School uniform ?

  3. The school uniform is a 1/12 Sailor School Summer Type Uniform from AZONE's Desktop line. You used to be able to backorder them from Amiami but it's currently sold out. I know a certain someone on BSW bought a CRAPton of them roughly around the time I got mine. ^^;

  4. The only bad thing about the Nendoroid playset is it's kinda small for the MMS1 and MMS3 tall figures so I have to make them kneel most of the time. :p But otherwise, it's a real handy and fun set to have. :D


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