Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zombie Cafe for iPhone

Ouch, it's been a month since my last update. For the past few weeks, I've been hooked on a social media type game for the iPhone called Zombie Cafe. I've never been hooked on those types of games before so this took me quite by surprise and sucked the time away from everything else I was going to do. I was eating, browsing the net, and going to the bathroom while playing this game. It was ridiculous. I've kind of got it under control now so hopefully I'll finally get around to getting some content out again.


Long story short, you use zombies to help run your cafe. You recruit zombies by infecting your customers and use them to run your cafe as well as attack rival cafes nearby. You start off with a broken-down cafe but as you get more money, you'll be able to pimp it up a bit. The main draw is the recipe system. When you raid rival cafes, you'll sometimes get recipes that aren't already in your recipe book. You can add them to your recipe book and them trade recipes with friends by cooking them up and delivering it to them. Different recipes have different benefits such as either having more servings, yielding more profit, or giving more experience points. The game's a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it's loaded with bugs and some of them can completely ruin your game if it hits, not something I'd fork over money for. However, this game is free for the iPhone so if you have time to crunch, give this game a try. :p

ZC 007

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