Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dragons Universe Clawripper Review

Decided to grab Clawripper since it was on sale as well for $3-4. I feel it's mediocre at best. The photos are taken with my iPod camera which sucks seven shades of beans compared to the iPhone camera or any other decent smartphone camera. I didn't even want to bother using my real camera for this one, that's how bad it was.


Package. Unlike the cases for Bionicle or Hero Factory, the Dragon Universe eggs are nothing but huge wastes of plastic. They can serve to store accessory parts, if any, however there's no way you can store the entire figure/vehicle that it came with so its best use is as a background set piece or a lousy paperweight. :P


Front view. Clawripper is one of the larger dragons that has a firing missile gimmick in its turret. The articulation is actually worse than a smaller dragon because the larger dragons use a swivel joint for their limbs while the smaller dragons use ball joints; it was a huge disappointment for me. On the flip side, the wing actually has joints where you plug them into the body but your options for posing is pretty limited since the turret blocks upward movement. :P


Back view. Funny thing about the package is that each larger dragon advertises a different feature on the packaging like it's specific to that dragon but the truth is that it's pretty much the same across the board and that the gimmicks are much simpler than the packaging makes it out to be. Clawripper's advertised gimmick is the ability to grab guys and another dragon's gimmick is a tail attack. Both gimmicks are done by having the limbs and tail made of soft plastic so you can squeeze the claws onto a mini-fig to grip it and bend the tail to the side and let go for a (rather weak) tail bash.


Clawripper with a smaller dragon. Forgot what its name was. :P


Captain Whatshisname enters the scene! :P


The figure grabbing gimmick in action. Funny thing is when you do that, it becomes front-heavy and you have to hold the dragon in place otherwise it falls on its face because of the lack of support.


It turns out the smaller dragon has the grip gimmick too and while it can't grip the body, it can grip the head (even better)! It has the same support issues. :P

So my annoyance with Clawripper are as follows: weak gimmicks, swivel joints instead of ball joints for the limbs, can't mount a mini-fig on it like you could with a smaller dragon. Positives are it's bigger, you can tilt the turret vertically as well as horizontally, wing joints, and firing missile. I don't like it enough though so I think I'm going to return it. :P

edit 8/4 midnight: I just realized that I've been misspelling Dragons Universe all this time. :P


  1. Nice get, I used to buy the older Mega Bloks dragons, but indeed those eggs are a huge waste... Though I could think of some uses for them. I've been meaning to get them out and do something with them for a while now.

  2. this TOY is for kids my nine year old loves these Toys


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